These are pictures of Goku from childhood to saiyan 4.

He´s grow up.

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Let’s just get to the point, Goku would beat the living shit out of Superman, The only way Superman could ever have a chance of beating Goku, is if he fought him pre-saiyan saga.

Let’s go over Supermans powers > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Powers_and_abilities_of_Superman

Strength : “his strength was tested as exceeding the force of 200 quintillion tons”

Invulnerability : “Depending on the era, Superman is as resistant to damage as steel and this invulnerability protects his body from almost all forms of harm, including extreme force and extremely high temperatures. Effectiveness has ranged from his skin being piercable by nothing less than a “bursting shell” to being completely unharmed at ground zero of a nuclear explosion”

Flight : “The ability to naturally defy and operate independently of gravity and propel himself through the air at will.”

Speed : “Another one of Superman’s signature abilities is his superhuman speed, allowing him to move, react, run, and fly extraodinarily fast, up to a hundred miles per hour.”

X-Ray Vision : “Superman’s vast senses grant him the ability to see through solid objects, usually with the exception of lead.”

Heat Vision : “Ability to emit heat/solar energy from his eyes.”

Superbreath : “Ability to inhale and exhale huge volumes of air with great force, capable of extinguishing large fires and moving heavy objects such as cars. Also allows Superman to hold his breath for extended periods in airless environments.”

+ Impeccable Memory, Smell, Vision, & Hearing.

Now, On the other side we have Goku, Let’s go over his abilities.

(The List is so long I’m only going to match up Goku’s key abilities.)


Strength : So since It doesn’t really say anywhere what is the most goku can lift, I’ll do my best to explain it. Let’s say Goku was about 200 pounds at the least in the spaceship to Namek, He lifted 100x (10 Tons) his own weight at a power level of 90,000. Goku at his peak of SSJ4 during the battle with Syn Shenron was averaged at about 4.5 billion. If you divide 4.5 Billion by 90,000 it’s 50,000 times stronger than he was in the gravity room. 50,000 X 10 Tons = 500,000 tons. So let’s say Goku’s strength is able to withstand 500,000 tons.

Solar Flare : The user spreads and places their fingers on their foreheads, discharging a blinding flash of light.

Super Energy Wave Volley : Goku releases a rapid barrage of energy blasts at his opponents, causing a massive accumulation of damage.

After Image Technique : This technique is a short burst of extremely high speed, moving faster than the opponent can sense.

Flight : The user uses their ki to give them the ability to levitate.

Instant Transmission : Also called Instaneous transmission the user places their index and middle finger on their forehead, sensing a location that they teleport to.

Dragon Fist – Goku delivers a punch that causes an explosion, summoning a golden dragon to either wrap around the enemy and disintegrate with him, or devour them

Zenkai : “is an ability that is genetically exclusive to Saiyans. The ability is a genetic trait that allows a Saiyan’s power to increase substantially after recovering from near fatal injuries.


Universal Spirit Bomb : The most powerful version of the Spirit Bomb. The energy was gathered from all of the life forms in the entire Universe” The Universal Spirit Bomb was averaged at having powerlevel of 100 Billion. That’s 22 times stronger than Goku himself.

+ Countless Transformations

The bottom line is that Goku is way to quick for him

Goku beat his “invulnerable” ass all over earth until he needed to finish him off.

Don’t ever compare that shitty excuse for a superhero to Goku ever.

Feel free to make as many Superman vs. Yamcha or Superman vs. Saibamen pictures as possible hahahaha.

Feel Free to add on whatever you please, & remeber this is an OPINION.